Inner Thigh Stretch

The inner thigh has a number of long delicate muscles (5 in total) called the adductors. These muscles work at bringing your leg back inwards during sideward's movements such as hitting a tennis ball.

After your stretching, you should perform some simulated movements of the action your stretching for. For example, some side steps each side, getting progressively larger and faster in motion to simulate your tennis movement prior to your game.

The outer thigh and gluts (buttock) muscles, does the opposite action, in that it takes the leg outwards. A good warm up and stretch, followed by some simulated movements will greatly improve your muscles flexibility, and thus improve your game or physical activity.

Easy Side Lunge

1. Stand upright, with both feet facing forward, double shoulder-width apart.

2. Place your hands on your hips, in order to keep your back straight, slowly exhale, taking your bodyweight across to one side.

3. Avoid leaning forward, or taking the knee of the bent leg over your toes. As you increase the stretch, the foot of the bent leg should point slightly outward.

4. To increase the stretch, relax upward, slowly sliding your feet out a few inches to the sides.

Moderate Leg Over


1. Lie on your back, extending your left arm out to the side, while taking your left leg over your right, bringing the knee inline with the hips.

2. Keeping your right leg straight, use your right arm to push down on the knee of the left leg, exhaling slowly as you stretch.

The next page will give you some simple stretches for your upper and lower back muscles.


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