Abdominal Stretch

The core abdominal muscles will be worked through almost every activity that you perform.

These muscles will help fix your body in place during activity's such as running, they will assist with movements such as jumping - throwing and lifting.

Too often they are neglected in both the warm up and stretching phase. Allocate time into your training or sporting activity to enable a through stretch of all your muscles, including those of your abdominal's.

Easy Spine curve

1. Begin the stretch by laying on your front, with your hands close to your chest, fingers pointing upward.
2. Exhale, pushing yourself up with your arms and contracting your buttocks while keeping both feet firmly on the floor.
3. Look up toward the ceiling, to also feel the stretch in your neck.

Easy Bar Twist

1. Stand with both feet facing forward, double shoulder-width apart, with legs slightly bent.

2. Use the bar to keep your upper body straight, with elbows high, as you slowly twist around in both directions.

3. Avoid moving at speed, or forcing the stretch


Two important muscles to be stretched next. Those of your chest and shoulder region.


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