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UK & US Fitness Trends

Exercise is universal and all cultures have their own versions of fitness routines that seem to fit their average daily lives properly. The UK and the US are no exceptions to this.


Health and wellness is considered important in both societies, but sometimes the way the two go about fitness can differ in the trends and training styles that vary with every changing year. Here are a few of the current fitness trends that have become popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

UK Fitness Trends

In the UK it seems that people are opting for individual classes that cater to certain programs, instead of the full service membership gym that offers different programs and equipment for individual use. These studios either specialize in one specific fitness activity or they offer individual programs instead of a complete exercise facility. Some of the latest fitness trends that can be found throughout the UK are:

Military fitness

These outdoor classes are designed for all different fitness levels. They are group sessions led by ex-military trainers and are considered to be a variation of the bootcamp training soldiers go through. The workout is intense and is said to burn 30 percent more calories than a standard indoor workout of the same interval and intensity.


A mix of Pilates and boxing, Piloxing is designed to increase your stamina, build lean muscle, and burn calories. The Pilates elements of the workout will also help with flexibility while the boxing side of this fitness trend will help with your agility. The whole workout is designed to be done while wearing weighted gloves to increase the intensity of the routine, but a high-energy music track keeps this workout fun.

Tower Running

Long distance running outdoors or on a treadmill seems to be taking a backseat to tower running. Simply put, this is when racers run up the stairwell of a high rise building. For example, in March 2014 runners took part in the “Vertical Rush” race where they ran up the 42 floors in the Tower 42 in London. While running for an hour burns approximately 700 calories, this running trend will increase the rate dramatically.

Indoor Cycling

Spinning classes were a trend in the US for a while but it seems to have tapered off there while gaining popularity in the UK. Group sessions and classes on stationary bicycles that can be set to inclined or declined positions are available at fitness studios across the country. There are even friendly competitive options where you can compete with your fellow cyclists to see who cycles further or longer.

US Fitness Trends

While the UK is engrossed with indoor cycling and military style training sessions, the US seems to be on a more fundamental training style nowadays. The US seems to be eliminating specialized equipment and sometimes gyms and studios all together with these trends. However, boutique fitness salons like Heroic Fitness Studio and Personal Training in Illinois are still popular. This is mainly because of their specialized programs and personal training offers. For example, Heroic Fitness offers yoga and Latin dance classes and provides tailored programs for those looking for personal training. The following trends have taken the place of routines like Zumba, Pilates, and stationary ball training:

Body Weight Training

This is a back-to-basics workout where you’ll use your own body weight to provide the resistance necessary for the workout instead of free weights, dumbbells, and the like. Basically, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and similar exercises are used over bench presses, leg presses, and other weight-lifting activities.

Functional Fitness

In the US it seems like the older population is looking for ways to stay fit and active in their daily lives and is turning to fitness routines specifically designed for their range of motion for help. For example, if someone is looking to regain the strength to mow their own lawn with a push mower they can go to a fitness trainer who will create a workout routine specifically designed to help strengthen the muscles needed to mow a lawn manually. This style of fitness is also popular with younger people who may lack mobility or are recovering from an injury.

Group Personal Training

While personal training used to be a one-on-one workout with the individual getting the sole attention of the trainer, group personal training sessions seem to be more popular nowadays. This is mainly due to the recession in the US. Due to a downturn in the economy trainers began offering discounted group rates in order to drum up business. These group sessions are usually comprised of one trainer and three clients, so each person still gets the attention they’d expect from a one-on-one session but at a discounted rate.


This ever-popular fitness trend has taken on new forms as dedicated yoga studios are taking the place of individual yoga classes in a larger facility. The basics of yoga remain the same, but now you can broaden the experience by participating in things like anti-gravity yoga (a mix of acrobatics and yoga poses done while suspended in the air), “broga” (yoga geared toward men), and even karaoke yoga (a trend that is meant to strengthen the vocal chords along with your limbs).

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