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Superfoods for Runners

Running is not just putting one foot in front of the other. Check out now about superfoods for runners and how the right choice of nutrition can make a big difference to your times and running experience.

Running. It’s one of the most natural things you can possibly do in terms of exercise. Certainly, it’s one of the things the human body was designed for, and it’s also a cheap way of getting and staying fit. Sometimes motivation can be a challenge – especially on cold or rainy days, but with persistence and a little bit of resilience going running can become a valuable part of your routine.

What About Your Eating Habits?

And as you get into your training, you’ll probably find that your eating habits change as you naturally start to crave healthier, more nutritious food. And given that when you’re running you use more energy, it’s important to make sure you replace that energy by eating a well-balanced diet suited to your lifestyle.


So with that in mind we’ve picked out some of our favourite superfoods for runners. These are just suggestions of course, so if you require any specific advice about your diet or have concerns about anything then it’s important to consult your doctor. Also, while these healthy foods are all tasty and nutritious – they’re just a small selection of the things that represent a full diet.


This humble wholegrain is a runner’s friend for many reasons – it’s packed with slow release energy, contains cholesterol-lowering soluble fibre, and is a warm and steadying first meal of the day.


Low in fat – and even lower in fat than chicken, but high in protein and containing a host of vitamins and minerals, turkey is a healthy and versatile runners’ choice.


Another great protein source, salmon also helps you out with omega 3s, believed to help keep the heart healthy and may even be good for the brain, too.

Sweet Potatoes

Tasty as well as being a carbohydrate energy source, sweet potatoes also pack a vitamin punch, with loads of vitamin c as well as some vitamin A in there too.

Brown Bread

Another healthy carb, brown bread is tasty, versatile and being a wholegrain, nutrient rich – providing vitamins B and E as well additional plant-based nutrients. And wholegrains are believed to boost heart health and help reduce the risk of strokes as well as also being a good source of fibre.


Packing a serious vitamin C punch, as well as being a good source of calcium for healthy bones, broccoli is a handy accompaniment to any healthy meal.


When you’re in need of a snack, don’t reach for something from the fat laden crisp aisle, and instead point your trolley in the direction of nuts and seeds. Antioxidant-rich walnuts make a lovely snack – and may even be the healthiest nut of all, according to scientists.


More calcium for strong and healthy runners’ bones, along with protein and B vitamins, yogurt’s also versatile and can be incorporated into many main courses and healthy deserts – meaning you can top up your calcium while also enjoying great food.

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