Quadricep Exercises

Check out our quadricep exercises to work those legs in your next training session. With a complete range of fitness exercises and ideas, let us hepl you train properly in the gym.

The following quadriceps exercises will help strengthen your quadriceps muscles.

The quadriceps muscle group (quads) is made up of four muscles along the front of the thigh. They all share the tendon that encloses the kneecap (The patella tendon), which attaches to the top of the shin.

Their main function is to extend your lower leg; especially in exercise's such as sprinting.

Read the notes on strength training and weight lifting techniques to help aid you to establish both the weights to be used, and correct technique.

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Why not check out the following pages to get started on some exercises that will work those muscles including Swiss ball against the wall, 1 leg dumbbell squat, Lying machine squat, heels raised barbell squat and 90 degree jumping squat.

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