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Lying Squat

The Lying Squat Thigh Machine is an excellent machine for toning up the thighs. It is a safer option for beginners to use, compared to a Leg Press or Smith Machine, due to the weight only moving away from you dependent upon your leg strength.

If your thighs become tired, and are unable to lift the weight, then you will simply return to your starting position, unlike a Leg Press or Smith Machine, whereby you will have to lift the weight.

start with your legs bent at 90 degrees keep your back and head on the machine - avoid locking out your legs

Commence the movement with your legs bent at 90 degrees, having your feet placed centrally on the foot plate, shoulder width apart, heels and knees in alignment.

Exhale and smooth push down on the foot plate, in order to straighten your legs, however never actually lock your legs out. Focus on pushing through your heels rather than your toes.

Take care to set the machine up correctly so that your shoulders are resting against the shoulder pads throughout the movement, keeping your back and head in contact with the back support.

There are a number of foot positions you can use to work the different muscles of your quadriceps, you can have your feet close together - wide or shoulder width apart.

The position you have your feet on the foot plate will also adjust the muscles being worked. Aim to work with your feet at the top - middle and lower part of the plate, in order to work all of your quadriceps muscles.

Beginners should aim to have their feet shoulder width apart, with your toes pointing slightly outwards, in the middle of the foot plate.

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