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Swiss Ball Wall Lower

This is an excellent exercise for working the muscles of the lower body, which can be easily implemented with the use of a suitable sized Swiss ball and a wall.

To work your thigh, quadriceps and buttock muscles, have your feet close together with the feet pointing forward. Likewise by having a wider stance you can work the muscles of your inner thigh (adductors).

lean slightly back into the ball lower down using the ball as support

Commence the exercise with a large Swiss Ball placed centrally against your back, with the ball kept in contact with a solid wall throughout the movement.

Your feet should be in a position whereby you are leaning slightly back into the ball, in order to keep the ball in contact with the wall, and also to enable a good lowering position with your knee – toe alignment.

Smoothly lower down from a straight leg position, to one where your thighs are ideally parallel to the floor, taking care not to let your knees travel past your toes, however always aim to make sure your knees travel in the same direction as your feet.

Hold in the lowered position for 1 – 2 seconds prior to traveling back up to your starting position, keeping your back in contact with the ball, allowing the ball to travel freely up and down the wall.

Always make sure the wall is solid and secure.

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