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Ski Jumps

Ski fitness is the key to have a safe and good skiing holiday. You need to prepare your fitness at least 12 weeks before you go away. These ski jumps are great, as you can perform them anywhere and they will help tone up the muscles you need for skiing as well as working your heart and lungs, an area often forgotten in most ski fitness workouts.

An excellent fitness exercise for those persons who participate in either snow or water skiing. Aim to try and stay in a tucked ski position throughout the exercise to get the best from this ski fitness movement.

keep tucked low throughout keep your feet shoulder width apart avoid turning around in circles

Keeping your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, jump 90 degrees from left to right, avoiding going around in circles.

With each jump, aim to take off immediately upon landing, with minimal uplift, focus on staying in a tucked skiing position.

You may decide to jump with your feet either close together or in a wide stance, however always take off and land with both feet.

Look at increasing the amount of time you perform this ski exercise for, aim for a minimum of 20 - 30 seconds with a similiar amount of rest time before you repeat.

As your fitness improves, increase the length of time to 30 - 60 seconds maximum, before you rest and stretch your legs.

Repeat as often as you can, making sure you have adequate rest between each exercise session.

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