Glutes & Glute Exercises

Are you looking to work out your glutes? With our dedicated glute exercises you can work your buttocks and gluteal muscles the right way as part of your workout. So start your fitness training with

With the netfit website and member's area there's a range of simple glute exercises for your buttocks / butt and as the glutes are important in an all over workout, read on for one of the web's largest resources of fitness plans and exercise videos.

Your gluteal muscles are often worked out without you realising, but why not let our guides help you target them in your workouts? Glute exercises are straight-forward and easy to squeeze into most workouts.

Your gluteus or buttocks, are actually three muscles. The largest straightens the hip joint, medius aids in both rotation and abduction, and minimus also aids in abduction, (moving the leg to one side).

Prior to performing these glut exercises remember to read the notes on strength training and weight lifting techniques if using weights. has an extensive section on the glutes and hip exercises for all-round strength. Why not try these exercises for starters :

Swiss Ball Butt Blaster, Bum Clench, Rear Lunge With Dumbbell and Close Foot Deep Squat.

As well as focussing on the gluteal exercises, our extensive library of workouts and exercises includes, amongst others, advice on fitness and how to get fit along with stretching techniques and stretching exercises, strength training and of course warm-up exercises.