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Dumbbell Pullover

The dumbbell pullover can be performed by either dumbbells or barbells, however it's a difficult exercise which should only be carried out by regular lifters. Always warm-up the chest muscles by performing a few reps with light weights.

Lie flat on a bench, keeping your feet firmly on the floor, focusing on pushing your back and hips into the bench. You may also decide to perform the dumbbell pullover lying across a bench with just your upper back and shoulders in contact with the bench.

keep your arms close to your sides throughout the movement avoid hitting your head with the dumbbells
keep your back in contact with the bench throughout the movement

Hold dumbbells in each hand, with the weights close to your chest, keeping your elbows in tight throughout the movement. Always make sure that any locking collars are securely fastened.

Inhale and smoothly lower the weights down behind your head, keeping your arms bent, taking care to never go beyond the point where you can't smoothly lift the weight back up above your head.

Exhale as you lift the weight over with bent arms, keeping your hips down throughout the movement.

Look in the STRENGTH TRAINING for advice on how to train your body for your own specific goals.

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