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Deep Press Ups

Deep press ups should only be performed by conditioned persons, as the increased depth will create a greater range of movement which will work more muscle fibers of the chest. Look at progressing onto deep press ups when you can perform at least 20 normal full press ups.

Deep press ups can be performed by placing your hands on the top of two step boxes, fingers pointing forward or even using to strong dumbbells, to enable a greater depth for the press up.

make sure the rises are secure - slightly wider than shoulder width apart aim to take your chest a little lower than your hands

Lower down under control, holding in the final lowered phase for 1 - 2 seconds prior to exhaling and returning back up to your starting position.

You may wish to make the exercise harder by performing with your feet raised on another step box, however always take care that any raised platform you use is secure, with your hands or feet firmly on them.

For a complete upper body workout, take a look at our PRESS UP CIRCUIT

As with any advanced exercise, its worth performing a few simple warm-up exercises prior to taken your chest muscles through a deeper range of movement. Some normal press-ups followed by some chest stretches will help prevent muscle soreness.

You can make this exercise easier by resting your knees on the floor, just remember to keep good form with any exercise you perform, working within your own limits.

If using dumbbells to perform a deep press up, make sure that the dumbbells don't roll out to your sides.

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