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Press Up Circuit

Did you know that press-ups (push-ups as also known as) are the best way to increase upper body strength and endurance - press ups are also perfect when you have no equipment.

Most people only know 1 or 2 variations of the press-up. You will now be educated on a greater variety of press-ups to develop all-round muscle tone and definition.

In our members area we have a fully animated description of the exercise. The following styles should be used dependent on your current fitness level, ranging from the wall and box press-up for beginners, supported or 3/4 for intermediates and full press-ups for advanced.

Done correctly press-ups (or push-ups) can really help to build arm and chest strength for very little time. 

3/4 FULL  

Aim to perform this press up circuit, by performing 4 - 10 press ups of each style. Once you can achieve 10 or more of each press up style, aim to increase the workout by changing your style (see above) or simply move onto the second press up circuit.

The next page will provide a harder level press up circuit to really push you!

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