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6 Minute Workout

This 6 minute workout circuit can be performed in a number of different ways, and for best results you should aim to vary the methods to stop your body becoming adapted to your workouts.

lower the weight down towards your shoulders

You can have the bench at any setting, flat, incline or declined. Aim to work your arms in a full range of movement with the dumbbells. Focus on lowering the weights to the outside of your shoulders.

keep your elbows tucked into your sides

You can perform this exercise in all three biceps actions, normal / reverse and hammer. Aim to keep your elbows close to your side. You may want to be lying (harder) or seated during this exercise. Avoid swinging the weights, if you get tired, work one arm at a time.

avoid lowering weights pass your shoulders

Remember to keep a slight bend in your arm at the elbow joint, and not to lower the arm below your shoulders. Lift the weights with your palms facing inwards above your chest.

keep your back pushed into bench

This exercise can be performed either seated or standing. Aim to take the weights out to your side, keeping a slight bend in the arm at the elbow joint. You may want to work in an alternate arm motion, or with both arms together.

work with palms either facing forwards or inwards

Aim for a full range of motion, lifting the weights from your ears to above your head, bringing the weights in together. You can have your palms facing forward or in towards your head. Keep your feet firmly on the floor to aid balance.

Bent Over 2 Arm Row

Commence the exercise with your feet close together, holding suitably weighted dumbbells in each hand, on the outside of your feet, keeping your arms straight, legs slightly bent, with your back straight. Smoothly lift your elbows high, focusing on using your back muscles to lift the weights.

The circuit should be performed in two sets of three, ideally using a slightly lighter weight for the last three exercises. Minimal rest between exercises should be maintained i.e. only 5 seconds. The goal is to use a medium weight for high repetitions.

Try some of the following methods for performing this circuit.

Timed: Look at doing three sets of all 6 exercises, first time round do 20 seconds of each exercises, then 15 seconds for the last two sets. Depending on the weights that you have, and your own strength capabilities, adjust the time to suit your fitness, and aim to work with only 30 - 45 seconds rest between each sets. Spend this time to shake and stretch your arms.

Reps: Use a suitable weight for 20 repetitions for each exercise, then 15, followed by 12. At the end of each circuit rest for 30 - 60 seconds, using this time to give your arms a quick stretch.

Weighted: Keep the repetitions the same, i.e. 20, however, at the end of each circuit, drop the weight. For example, start with a 5kg and finish with a 3kg.

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