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Resistance Band Bench Press

The resistance band bench press is a good exercise for beginners to work their chest muscles. Aim to make sure you have the correct band, as your chest muscles are generally quite strong.

Connect the resistance band securely under a suitable bench, that will enable the resistance to be sufficient during the movement, if necessary you can wrap the band around the bench to create the required tension.

start with your hands close to your chest smoothly raise your hands to a straight arm position

Start with your arms slightly wider than shoulder width apart, lying flat on a secure bench, with your feet on the floor. You may need to use a step box to place under your feet, as your aim is to use your feet for both stability and correct lifting during the movement.

Aim with each exercise to get a full range of movement by actually touching or getting close to your shoulders with your hands in the downward phase – extending your arms out straight, just above your chest.

Exhale as you straighten your arms, pausing for 1 – 2 seconds at both your final lowered phase, and also the upper phase, prior to repeating for desired reps.

Concentrate on keeping your head and hips on the bench, avoiding excessive arching of the back throughout the movement.

The Bench Press is probably one of the most common exercises within the gym, which is generally performed with a barbell or dumbbells.

You can vary this exercise by working on either a flat - incline or decline bench, to work a variation of muscle fibers. Vary your workouts to get greater results.

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