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Neider Press

The Neider press is generally performed in a standing position, with the aim of taking the weight both up and outwards, as the exercise gained its name from a famous shot putter "Bill Neider". We have shown the movement on a bench,as this will give greater support to the back and unlike the standing version, have a greater risk of injury.

Care should be taken when performing the Neider press, not to overload the weight on the barbell, as the exercise is generally harder than a standard barbell bench press, as your aiming to extend the weihght both upwards and outwards.

start with the bar close to your lower chest straighten the arms taking the bar slightly forward

Whenever doing any bench work with a barbell, it is wise to have a partner stand behind you to assist with your final lifts, especially if doing heavy weights, never push yourself to the limit on your own – you don't want to get the barbell stuck across your chest.

Set up an incline bench to an angle of about 30 degrees, any more will place the workload on the shoulder muscles (front deltoids).

Grasp the bar with your thumbs underneath, with your arms slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with your feet on the floor.

Unlike a standard incline press where you lift the weight in line with your shoulders / upper chest, focus on lifting the weight up and outwards, in the direction of your chest.

Concentrate on keeping your head and hips on the bench, avoiding excessive arching of the back throughout the movement.

Always make sure that you position your hands equally apart from the central part of the bar, having any locking collars securely fastening the weights onto the bar.

The Neider press is generally done in the standing upright position, however build the strength within your muscles using an incline bench prior to performing a standing Neider press.

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