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Dumbbell Chest Flys

Dumbbell chest flies or "Fly's" are a great chest muscle exercise for developing all-round upper body strength, as the dumbbells help to isolate the deeper chest muscle fibers.

For best results, aim to perform the fly's on either a narrow bench, or a strong Swiss Ball, as this will give you a greater range of movement, however always avoid lowering the dumbbells too low, generally no further than chest / shoulder height.


Hold the dumbbells in each hand, with your arms straight, palms facing each other, directly above your chest.

Inhale and smoothly lower the weights down, and out to your sides, keeping a slight bend in your arms, taking the weights down to your ear level, aiming at making a straight line through both hands and your ears.

Exhale as you lift the weights back up to the starting position, prior to repeating again for desired amount of reps, keeping your back pushed into the ball.

Variations are to work the exercise with your palms facing downwards or forwards.

Its always worth working dumbbell fly's with a partner so they can assist you with your last few repetitions if needed, by simply pushing upwards on your triceps portion of your arm - however always communicate well between partners.

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