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Low Pulley Biceps Machine Curl

The low pulley cable machine will enable you to get a good workload when performing a bicep muscle curl. Unlike so much with freeweights, you may find that you get a sticking point where its hard to lift the weight and as such you should try and perform some lighter bicep curls to establish a good position to start from.

Place a single arm cable attachment securely onto a low pulley cable machine.

keep your back straight throughout focus on keeping the elbow by your side keep the shoulders pulled back

You may decide to stand facing the cable machine and perform this exercise in a similar manner as a two handed biceps cable curl, or alternatively by standing side on to the cable, you can lift and lower the weight, as if performing a cross body bicep curl.

Whichever stance you perform, focus on keeping your back straight, avoiding leaning over to the weighted side.

You may decide to place 1 arm on the machine to prevent youself from leaning forward (facing the cable) or grasping a secure object (side stance).

Alternatively placing your spare arm behind your back will help tell you when you're leaning forward.

Either method can be performed using a standard curl action - hammer action or even a reverse action.

Look in the STRENGTH TRAINING for advice on how to train your body for your own specific goals.

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