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EZ Bar Biceps Curl

The EZ bar biceps curl recruits the biceps brachii, and also the brachioradialis (upper forearm muscle) due to the way the EZ bar is gripped.

The EZ bar allows for a grip that is somewhat between a supinated (palms up) and neutral (palms facing each other) grip, because of the shape of the EZ bar, this will assist people with weak wrists.

The EZ bar is specifically designed to help work the muscles of your biceps and can be used in a number of different ways. With the use of either a preacher bench or an inclined bench, the biceps muscles are being fully isolated and as such the correct weight should be placed on the EZ bar, in order to perform the curl.

avoid leaning over the bench
keep your elbows and triceps in contact with the bench
reverse grip EZ bar normal grip EZ bar

Grasp a suitably weighted EZ bar with either an underarm grip (normal) or a over arm grip, placing your thumbs under the bar for a strong hold.

The level of incline on the bench will increase the level of difficulty, (higher incline - harder exercise). Whatever your incline level, focus on being able to make sure you can perform the exercise in a smooth position, you may need to use a step box to increase your height over the bench if you feel you're forced to raise your shoulders.

Rest your triceps and elbows on the top of the bench throughout the exercise, with your hands 6 - 10 inches apart.

Raise the bar in a smooth motion, until your forearms touch your biceps, lower down again under control, taking note that the harder part of this exercise is your initial lift.

Always check and make sure that the weights are secure on the barbell, with locking collars in place, never perform any exercise without checking, as even a small weight can cause serious injury if dropped.

The level of difficulty for any weight lifting exercise, has a great emphasis on the amount of weight about to be lifted. Always aim to start with a light weight, adapting good technique prior to increasing the weight.

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