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Biceps Hammer Curl

The biceps dumbbell hammer curls mainly develops the bicep brachii (bicep) and forearm muscle (Brachioradialis). With the hammer curl, you get more forearm involvement and benefit from having a neutral wrist position, so less strain on your wrist compared to a standard dumbbell bicep curl.

Hold a suitable weighted dumbbell in each hand, with your palms facing each other, holding the dumbbell as if you were holding a hammer. Keep the weights at arms length by your sides, however avoid locking out at the elbow, try and maintain the tension in your bicep muscle throughout the exercise.



start with the weights by your side
keep elbows tucked into your sides
keep palms facing each other during the lift

Keeping your elbows tucked into your sides throughout the lift, exhale and smoothly curl the dumbells up towards your shoulders, keeping your palms facing towards each other (thumbs on top) at all times.

Aim to keep your abdominal muscles tight throughout to avoid swinging or leaning forward during the movement, focusing on pulling your shoulders back and keeping your head up.

You can also perform the hammer curl with 1 arm, however focus on keeping your palms facing each other throughout the movement.

The level of difficulty for any weight lifting exercise, has a great emphasis on the amount of weight about to be lifted.

Always aim to start with a light weight, adapting good technique prior to increasing the weight.

Look in the STRENGTH TRAINING for advice on how to train your body for your own specific goals.

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