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Swiss Ball Biceps Curl

The biceps muscles can be isolated well with the use of a Swiss Ball, as it prevents you from swinging the weight up - avoid bouncing off the ball when performing any biceps exercise.

Position a Swiss Ball next to a low cable pulley, making sure that the cable remains away from the surface of the ball throughout the movement.

keep arms extended avoid leaning forward

Kneel down behind the ball, grasping your chosen handle attachment - (single arm stir-up - short bar - rope attachment), keeping your arms extended straight at the initial starting phase, maintain contact with the ball with your triceps and elbows throughout.

Exhale an smoothly bend your arms, taking the handle up towards your shoulder, whilst maintaining a static position with your body and the ball.

Inhale as your lower the weight back down, prior to repeating for desired number of repetitions.

Always check that the Swiss Ball is free from any damage, especially from cable machine wear and tear. The harder you inflate the Swiss Ball, a greater level of balance is required.

This exercise can be made harder by keeping your knees off the floor, aiming to keep your abdominals tight, with your body and legs in a straight line.

Look in the STRENGTH TRAINING area for advice on how to train your body for your own specific goals.

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