Back exercises

Straining the muscle in your lower back can be a painful experience and unfortunately one that far too many of us will suffer. Look at strengthening your muscles with the exercises below and take great care when lifting to avoid lower back pain or surgery.

Did you know that the back is made up of many muscles, the Latissimus dorsi, "widest (muscle) of the back", the Trapezius and the Rhomboids, being the main three back muscles. Back exercises need to target all of these muscles for you to build a strong back.

Their main functions are to pull your arms back, down, and towards your body, and to help rotate it inwardly. Used for rowing, chinning, or pulling yourself upward or forward with your arms.

Many people suffer from back problems, due to a weakness in both their back muscles and abdominal's. The following back exercises will help strengthen your back. Always remember to warm-up prior to doing these or any other exercise.

Reading the notes on strength training and weight lifting techniques, will help you establish your specific goals.

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