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Slimming & Weight Loss

With any specific training like weights training or resistance training, unless you are a seasoned fitness addict, you should be getting some help from a personal trainer or fitness professional. We have a dedicated section on the site providing weight training plans and exercises to ensure that you do them correctly and accurately.

If you do no exercise or training, you will lose about 10 % muscle mass every 10 years after the age of 25 - which affects your metabolism! Regular resistance training can ensure you regain this muscle mass to prevent the decrease in muscle mass.

You should train about 2 or 3 times per week for around the 30 minutes mark. It is obviously not effective to do resistance work as it is to do aerobic for burning calories and therefore weight loss, however, resistance training will still burn around 300-500 calories per hour depending on the intensity. Importantly it also raises metabolic rate.

Another key fact is that muscle does not turn into fat when you stop training. Muscle tissue naturally breaks down and shrinks in size - which is called hypotrophy.

As lean muscle tissue weighs more than body fat, your actual body weight will remain about the same during your early stages of your new lifestyle regime. Don’t worry, weight does start to come off but if it doesn't' remember that your overall ratio of body fat to lean muscle tissue, will certainly be in a healthier ratio.

Healthy Eating

As everyone keeps banging on, nutrition is vital for fat loss and focusing on your health and health promoting foods is way more useful than focusing on fat loss and the denial of certain foods.

Make sure that you adopt a completely new regime and look to avoid salts, fats, sugars, additives, preservatives and processed or refined foods. By increasing your natural food intake (meaning more fibre and water content) you are able to eat more food to appease your appetite without gaining the weight.

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