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If You Injure Yourself You Could Make a Claim

making a claimLet’s face it, no one likes getting hurt or injured. We’ve all stubbed our little toe on the edge of the bed and I’m sure we’ve all knocked our funny bone about 4 times a year, but sometimes many people are injured which aren’t of their own doing. There are companies out there that can help these people with their injuries and help them to recover. Making a claim could help these people, and it could help you as well if something unlikely were to happen.

Road Accidents

Road traffic accidents are probably the most common type of claim, but you don’t have to be the driver of the vehicle to make a claim. Being a passenger in a vehicle, walking as a pedestrian or even travelling on public transport allows you to make a claim. Also, some people who are involved in a traffic collision might not have car insurance. If you happen to be in a collision with another motorist who doesn’t have insurance, most claims companies will be able to help by pursuing your claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

Accidents in the Work Place

For some people, the workplace can be a dangerous place and sometimes injuries do happen. Faulty equipment can often lead to some sort if injury and if this happens, it’s important that you get some sort of financial help whilst you recover. It’s not just faulty equipment that can cause problems though. Insufficient training could lead to an accident whilst poor wiring of electrical items could cause serious injury. All these unfortunate incidents can be claimed for.

Slipping on a wet floor or tripping on an obstacle in the middle of the street may be funny in the movies, but it’s not a laughing matter in real life. If these accidents have been caused by something that is not your fault, than these types of injury’s can be claimed for. Make sure that if you are injured by a slip or trip, you get the financial aid you need.


Hospital visits are unpleasant for everyone. However, if you do have to visit the hospital and you receive substandard care or treatment, it’s your right to take up a claim. Medical negligence includes misdiagnosis, mistakes during surgery and bad advice given to you by medical professionals. If you are put in this unfortunate position, make sure you get the compensation you deserve

Hopefully, none of the above ever happens to you, but in case it does, make sure you put in a claim and get the finance you need and use a professional like CTS Personal Injury Solicitors so that you get the right help and the best pay-out possible.



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