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Choosing a Private Psychiatrist

Choosing a private psychiatrist may seem a daunting task, particularly if you are already hesitant to seek out the services of one to begin with. However, once you have made the conscious decision to allow another to delve into your unconscious mind, you will need to choose the right private psychiatrist to achieve the goal of better mental health.

little shootsWe spoke to a leading London private psychiatrist – PrivatePsychiatry.co.uk to see what questions you should be asking yourself.

Determine the answers to these 5 questions to help you choose a private psychiatrist.

Do You Like the Psychiatrist?


If the psychiatrist that you are seeing o r thinking of seeing isn’t someone you feel comfortable talking to, then you need to get your head shrunk! On a serious note, you are not likely to spill out your deepest and darkest fears, secrets, or shames to someone that you just don’t like. On the other hand, if you are stubborn and respond well to people who irk you and know how to push your buttons, a private psychiatrist that you do not like might be most effective.

Can You Afford the Rates?


The very best way to begin therapy off on a bad note is to have to sit in their office knowing that you are spending money that you simply cannot afford to. It doesn’t take the highest priced therapist out there to help you unless you suffer from an intensive and rare mental disorder. Consider seeking out a private psychiatrist that works on a sliding scale who will only charge you a fee based on your income.

Are Your Communication Styles Compatible?


If you love to chatter on an have someone listen, a professional who has the ability to truly listen without interruption of your “mode.” However, if you prefer to say your piece and get some solid input, you might have more trouble finding the right person. These experts are trained to listen and not “tell” clients what to do. You’re likely to find a good match with someone who asks more questions and successfully pries answers out of you without you even realizing it.

Office Location & Appointment Hours


Make sure that the two of you can meet up at times that work for you. If the therapist only offers daytime hours when you have to work or their office is across town and you live in LA, it stands to reason that a connection cannot be made with that particularly private psychiatrist.

Session Length


Look for a private psychiatrist that offers a true one hour session (or whatever they charge by) rather than 45-50 minutes sessions that many professionals in the field get away with while charging “by the hour” rates. Inquire before scheduling that first appointment or interview with potential candidates.

Your comfort level is truly what matter most when choosing a private psychiatrist or mental professional. However, keeping these 5 factors in mind will enhance the “comfort vibe” you may have with health professionals under consideration.

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