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How to Get that Mind/Body Motivation

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Keeping fit and healthy is often associated with being purely physical. Going to the gym, having a good diet and getting plenty of sleep seem to be the top priorities for anyone wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

However, perfect fitness does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of work and can become mentally tiring.

Mental wellbeing is just as important as your body’s, and upsets in your mind or lack of motivation can cause setbacks in your fitness journey. Knowing how to keep yourself motivated can be hard, so here are some suggestions to focus your mind, so you can get back out there and feel good. 

Professional Help

You might not have the right guidance in your life to motivate and empower you to stay healthy. You can spend hours stressing about the guilty chocolate bar you ate the night before, instead of staying calm and working to burn off the calories. You might be someone who feels ashamed of going to the gym and working out next to someone super fit with an endless supply of stamina.

Whilst no one should ever feel like this, it can be hard to shake these feelings. Psychic readings are an unusual but effective way of bringing you clarity in order to solve these superficial yet seemingly very real problems. Whether you see a psychic in person and want a private phone consultation, receiving spiritual guidance is an option which can leave you feeling positive and with the ability to move forward and take action.




Yoga and other forms of slow exercise like tai chi and qui gong can help prepare your mind and body in your aim for full health and fitness. The movements are too slow to count as part of your exercise regime, but there are several benefits that improve your wellbeing.

Like psychic readings, yoga has a meditative and spiritual quality to it, increasing calmness levels, so you can focus and maintain motivation. Whilst the exercises are slow, you will find that they help your performance at more vigorous fitness routines at the gym or elsewhere because the stretches involved improve your flexibility and circulation levels, so your body can accommodate a greater amount (and often intensity) of exercise. 

Brain Training

Another thing to consider in finding motivation in your mind and body is brain training. Spending time looking at your phone or a computer may not typically be associated with a healthy lifestyle, but if you have a passion for logic, then this might be a way to find some more motivation. Of course, it is not something to spend your whole day doing, but spending a few minutes every day on mental exercises could be a solution.

The repetitive nature of exercising your brain could then to an organised exercise regime and fixed healthy eating habits. Examples such as memory games could also lead to enjoying exercise by taking part in group dance classes and having the ability to remember routines.

Exercise in the Dark

Hopefully, the above techniques will leave you feeling more confident and motivated to succeed in your health and fitness goals. An issue which is hard to stop though is comparing yourself to others. There will always be some people at the gym with an amazing figure, but try not to feel bad about yourself if you are not at that stage yet.

great way to exercise with confidence and high self-esteem is in the dark. There are fitness dance classes you can do nowadays with very little lighting, so you can have a satisfying workout without worrying who can see you.

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