Weight Loss

If you're looking at weight loss to help with a healthier fitter lifestyle, then you've come to the right place. We offer some simple and easy advice to help you knock off those pounds as well getting yourself fit.

weight lossUsually if you want a healthier lifestyle - it includes diets and dieting. However, did you know that over 90% of people on diets and weight loss plans fail. They can also actually end up in a far worse condition than when they started out.

Depending on the type of person you are, diets really can be ineffective, can be a waste of money, can lead to long term problems and therefore should be tied in with long-term health-oriented programs.

Did you know that low calorie diets can result in muscle loss rather than fat loss. Did you also know that fat produces about 9 cal's of energy per gram. This compares to about 4 cal's of energy per gram that's produced by your muscle tissue.

Muscle actually determines the bodies metaolic rate - therefore if you lose muscle, you will be affecting your bodies metabolic rate / metabolism. Therefore, if the person trying to lose weight actually settles into a normal eating plan, then a lower metabolic rate will then actually result in weight gain.

If you also have a very low level of lean tissue (ie. you have a lot more fat than muscle) then even undertaking simple tasks can result in feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Both your muscles and your liver store your 'energy supplies' which they do in the form of Glycogen.

As you can see, that when people look for simple ways to achieve dramatic weight loss there really isn't a quick fix. But the slimming and dieting industry still continues to grow and still promotes the fast weigh tloss as the elixir to a healthy lifestyle with the minimum amount of fuss.

As you have probably read in numerous ways, actually achieving targets for your weight requires positive lifestyle changes including regular exercise, changes to your eating regimes and of course willpower and a positive mental attitude. With this in mind, why not read some of our other related pages like calorie counting, burning fat, how to use a food diary and some great weight loss programs.

[The next page has information on why dieting can actually make you fatter].

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