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Looking for diets advice or guides on dieting the right way - with or without exercising? Here at we can offer you a simple way to kick start your diet.

diets and dietingSo you're after some ideas on diets or just some dieting advice that can help you stick to the plan you are currently on? With some great weight loss and diets tips and advice, it's also the most popular email that we receive. Today's lifestyle means more fast food and largely a more sedentary day to day working life and personal life too. This is what has been fuelling the rapid obesity level seen in the modern Western World.

If you want to lose weight in the form of body fat - then our website comtains some great diets (including Atkins Diet, Blood Group Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Dieting Tips, Food Combining, Grapefruit Diet, Zone Diet) or why not check out our member's area with it's huge section that's totally dedicated to help you understand why diets don't work - if you want to lose body fat then let us help you on your slimming quest!