Dieting Tips

To lose weight in a healthy way, we must control calorific intake and increase the amount of calories burned with some form of exercise. Regardless of the eating plan component of your weight-loss program, the following tips will help you accomplish your goals of healthy weight-loss and weight maintenance:

Commit Yourself.

The tomorrow diet:- if today is not right, then start your diet program tomorrow or when you feel that it is right for you. Don't start knowing that you have a big hurdle at the first bend, i.e. holiday, party etc. However once committed go for it with full determination to succeed.

Write down why YOU are dieting.

Make a list of reasons for you to start your new diet regime, and look at these in times of difficulty, some examples:

to give yourself more self-confidence.


Make duplicate copies of your list.

Place a copy on any of the food cupboards / fridge doors in the house. Place one on your weighing scales or in front of your mirror. Carry a copy with you, or make loads of copies and use the back of these as shopping lists.

Feel good about yourself.

A negative attitude guarantees negative results. Always feel good about yourself, make sure your self esteem is high. Even if people pass comment about your weight, you know that you are making a positive change. Don't let the pressures of thin being beautiful get to you.

Stay Positive.

Look at all the negatives with a positive, yeah you're chunky - but you're funky - you can go out and enjoy yourself, skinny people can't dance. Change everything to make you feel positive.

Avoid the Scales.

Your weight fluctuates mostly due to water weight on a daily basis. Limit your scale visits to no more than once a week. Weigh yourself on the same day and at the same time every week, and monitor your progress, not just your weight but also how you feel.

Reward Yourself.

Set yourself achievable goals, and treat yourself when you reach them, i.e. when you lose X amount, go and have a facial or new haircut.

Its your Diet.

Everyone is different on this planet, so everyone will have different results with how they are progressing on different diets. Don't compare your progress with anyone else's, yes have the support of a dieting group, but if you have a bad week compared to your dieting colleagues don't worry.

Picture your Motivation.

Having photos of yourself when you were slimmer, or pictures of your family can help you stay on track, use what pictures work for you.

Stay away from Depressing people and TV programs.

Watching or listening to depressing people rubs onto you, when most people are depressed they find food a comfort.

Keep records of how much you Eat.

Food diaries will help you analysis your eating habits, make sure that you eat at least 3 well balanced meals a day, avoid binging and starving yourself at all costs. Use the diary to see when any bad habits arise, and prepare yourself for these, i.e. the weekends.

Kick one Vice at a Time.

Aiming to give up smoking, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, sex or any habit that has been a pleasure should be done one at a time in order for you and your body to adjust to the change.

Keep your food in the Kitchen.

Storing food in your bedroom, desk at work or in your car should be avoided, all these little snacks add up the calories you eat daily.

Always have Breakfast.

Start the day the right way, if you skip your first meal, you will just end up eating some junkie snack food.

Eat before you get Hungry.

Aim to eat before you get hungry to avoid preparing larger meals which you will just force yourself to eat. Try to eat your meals at the same time each day to condition your body to expect food at certain times.

Avoid nibbling when Cooking.

Start your eating when you sit at the table, you don't need to eat half the meal in the kitchen before it goes on your plate, if you find it hard to stop picking whilst you cook, aim to chew some gum.

Drink plenty of Water.

Help your body feel hydrated by keeping your fluid stores high, especially prior to eating, look at natural spring waters rather than carbonated as these can upset the digestive system.

Eat Slowly.

Take time eating your food, aim to taste it, chew it properly, placing the fork down after each mouthful, drinking sips of water at regular intervals to help with digestion.

Use small Plates and Cutlery.

Small plates make portions look bigger, small cutlery stops you shoveling your food in, and again helps slow down your eating process.

Clean up All The Food.

After you have eaten, either put the food in the bin, or storage rather than leaving it out. If the kids or your partner don't finish their meal, it does not mean that you can.

Brush Your Teeth.

Brushing your teeth after every meal makes you less tempted to eat. Brush and floss after your evening meal; many people agree this helps avoid late-night cravings for snacks.

Avoid the False Calories.

Both Sodas and fruit juices are loaded with calories that are simple carbohydrates. These trigger insulin production and hunger and are pretty much "empty calories," drink water or herbal teas instead.

Eat lots of Fibre.

Fibre is great for helping you feel full as well as helping to cleanse your digestive track. The natural cleansing helps improve both your energy levels and food absorption.

No more Salt.

Go easy on salt. The more salted food you eat, the more you want, the more you eat the more water your body has to store in order to balance your fluids.

Sauces are Calories.

Read the labels and watch out for these hidden calories, just look at the ketchup bottle. Set Goals.

Set a new goal before you reach the old one.

Goals move you forward. Having no goals moves you backward.

Cope with Stress.

When you're under stress, you may want to eat. Break the stress cycle with exercise and a hot bath.

Cut down the Caffeine.

Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine-filled beverages. They may be bad for your blood pressure; they may also make you nervous, and many people eat more when they get the jitters.

Time is on Your Side.

It has taken a long time for you to become the weight you are. It will take less time to get back to the weight that you want, as long as you want it to happen. Don't set unrealistic goals, i.e. losing 4 stones in 4 weeks for a spring holiday, aim instead to lose that 4 stone for the New Year that you are going to spend with family that won't recognize the new you.

Remember that it is you that is aiming to lose the weight, but get the support of those you love and that love you.

  • to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • the summer is coming and you want to look good.
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