Food Combining Diet

Read about the food combining diet that is the Hay Diet with Classifying foods in to three types can help you then ensure you keep the right chemical balance to the body.

food combining diet hay dietRead about a range of food combining diets with including Dr. William Howard Hay's food combining diet that dates back to 1911. His basic premise is that there is one underlying cause for health problems and that is the wrong chemical condition in the body.

Diets work in different way and the food combining diet looks at the chemical imbalance. The wrong chemical condition is acidity which is caused by the manufacture and accumulation of acid from the products of digestion and metabolism in amounts greater than the body can eliminate. This acid condition results in a lowering of the body's vital alkaline reserve, the depletion of which causes toxemia or autointoxication.

So this food combining diet is designed to ensure these conditions do not happen and therefore the body should maintain it's natural chemical balances. Dr. Hay classified foods into three types according to their chemical requirements for efficient digestion. These three types are :

Alkali forming foods

such as fruits and vegetables. Alkali forming means the end products of such foods after digestion. Even acid tasting fruits such as lemons yield alkaline salts in the body.

Concentrated proteins

such as meat, game, fish, eggs or cheese. These foods are acid forming in their final end products in the body.

Concentrated carbohydrates or starch foods

These are acid forming. These include grains, bread, and all foods containing flour, all sugars and foods containing sugars (sucrose), but not the naturally occurring sugars found in fruit.

Dr. Hay's theory was that, although protein and starch foods are acid forming in their end products in the body, they need different conditions for digestion and should never be combined at the same meal.

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On the following page you can read about the Hay Diet and get a table of foods for each of the three classified groups to help you :

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