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Calorie Chart

If you want to find out more about your Calorie Expenditure, then why not download our simple pdf that shows you some typical values.

Its important to remember that your calorie expenditure is greatly determined by two simple factors.

Firstly your body composition - most calorie charts or gym machines will calculate your expenditure due to your body weight.

This unfortunately can be very inaccurate, as its only your muscles that are really working, therefore an overweight person may feel that their using a large number of calories.

The greater your muscle mass, then the greater your calorie expenditure will be.

This is why weight training is so important for those wishing to burn off excess body fat - with little muscle tissue, your only using a small amount of calories whilst exercising.

The second big factor is your intensity - the harder you work, then the more calories you will use. However its important to remember that its pointless running flat out for 400 meters if you can't do anymore.

Reading the notes on Aerobic Training will help you train at the correct level for your needs.

» Click here to download your Calorie Expenditure chart «

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