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Triathlon Tips

The sport of triathlon simply keeps growing, with more and more triathletes keen to start either their first sprint distance race, or progress to the Olympic distance course

The Olympic distance triathlon is now more popular after the Sydney and Athens Olympics, however what is also amazing is the amount of Ironman athletes (both men and women) who have finished what is certainly one of the most demanding of sports.

The training for all 3 main distances - Sprint - Olympic - Ironman is the same, you need to plan your race, in order to give your body a successful chance to finish.

If you either want to take part in your first triathlon, or simply improve upon your current performances, the following notes will hopefully help you.

Triathlons are a three disciplined event, combining swimming, cycling and running over three main distances.

By breaking up the triathlon into its three key sports (swimming / cycling / running), will enable you to train harder and wiser than if you were to concentrate on just one of the above. By training in multi sports you will develop both all round muscle toning and high levels of CV (cardio vascular - heart and lung capabilities).

This is achieved by breaking down training sessions to enable you to have a good workout, but not to be training over tired or sore muscles, as this will simple result in injury and poor performance.

With three different distances in triathlon, you will need to decide which event you wish to train for.

Sprint distance, suitable for beginners wishing to experience their first triathlon.

Olympic distance, the next stage up, the more common race distance, certainly among elite athletes.

Ironman distance, for those that like to push their bodies and minds to the limit.

20 KM
5 KM
1,500 METRES
40 KM
10 KM
3,800 METRES
180 KM
42 KM

Once you have decided to take part in a triathlon, the first thing you will need to do, is enter a suitable race, this will help motivate you, and give yourself a goal to aim for. Look for races that are local to you, so you can get a chance to cycle or run around the bike / run course, as this will help not only with your training but more so your mental strength, if you know you can do the course.


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