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Skiing Holiday Fitness

Skiing for most people is in the form of a 7 day skiing holiday once a year in the pursuit of good snow. Time should be given prior to your skiing holiday to concentrate on your fitness in order to get the full benefits from only a short period on the snow.

Fortunately with modern equipment and ski instruction at dry ski schools, serious injuries are reducing in number, however overuse injuries and muscle soreness prevent many people from improving their skiing.

Look at commencing your skiing fitness program a minimum of 8 weeks prior to your time on the slope.

Focus on, muscular strength and endurance, especially in the muscles in the legs, especially your quadriceps (thigh muscles).

Flexibility, and a well structured stretching program will assist in a good range of movement in your joints and enable your body to get used to the sudden stretching movements that a good ski run will place on you.

Aerobic training will enable you to ski longer and test out more of what any good ski resort can offer, as fatigue results in poor concentration ending in injury from falling and crashing.

Most injuries occur in the afternoon of the first two days, this can workout to be an expensive skiing holiday. Use the following skiing fitness exercises, to hopefully aid you, to enjoy your time on the ski slopes.

The following page has a lower body circuit, which is designed to be used with the combination of various gym machines, if you don't have access to a gym, then look at the home exercises section for suitable lower body workouts.

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