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Cricket Training

Following a cricket training program will allow players to be ready for the start of the season, and peak at certain stages of the year.

A cricket training program should include both strength training and CV workouts – performed throughout the off season it will enable you to perform better, and also reduce your chances of getting injured during a long playing season.

In addition to improving all-round strength, players also need to focus on critical areas such as the abdominal oblique's and the shoulder girdle.

Before starting any match you should be sure to perform a thorough warm-up and stretching routine. Batsmen and bowlers should also perform appropriate dynamic movements – these will help to optimize performance and prevent


Batsmen can potentially spend hours at the crease. This requires excellent concentration, good hand eye coordination, and the physical skills to make every shot count. A strong core and good upper body strength will allow you to play these powerful shots.


Fielders must have the stamina to remain in the field all day, plus the explosive skills to react when suddenly called into action. Keeping moving while in the field – walking, stretching – will allow you to suddenly burst into life and make a stop or catch.


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