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Sports Workouts

Are you looking for specific sports workouts? This section has helped thousands of dedicated sports people improve their sporting ability, using these sports specific training programs.

It's important to remember that with sports workouts, you should either have a good level of fitness prior to starting any further training or at least be aiming to get fit to play your sport, in order to get the most out of it.

Our members area has further advice and routines for a number of different sports, if you want to hit that ball further - run faster or simply look good on the playing field.The best and quickest way you will improve at your chosen sport, is to play or compete at it as often as you can.

The higher the standard then the greater the level you will need to compete at, thus the greater improvements you will make.

Training at a club, with a coach and their guidance will help you find greater strengths, whilst finding out what weaknesses you may have. If you can work on your weaker element, then you will become a greater all-round athlete / sports person.

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