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Golf Fitness Program

Playing golf requires a range of physical attributes somewhat at odds with its somewhat low key image of the past - many professional golfers are know appreciating the benefits of being fitter and stronger to improve their game.

Whilst it can take up to 4 hours to play 18 holes, less than two minutes of that will actually be spent swinging the club. However, the club swing is an explosive rotational movement that can easily take its toll on the body, especially if the golf swing is wild and out of control.

Golf therefore requires a combination of endurance (walking 18 holes can easily cover 6 miles), flexibility, and explosive power. Appropriate training will not only increase driving distance and accuracy, but also reduce the chances of injury.

A training program should thus involve low intensity cardio endurance work (particularly walking / jogging), combined with:

  • Regular core abdominal work
  • Resistance training (both upper and lower body)
  • Flexibility training – either stretching, yoga, or Pilates

If you are training regularly, be sure to allow at least two days recovery prior to a game.

Suitable Exercises For Your Abdominals

Seated MB Twist MB Golf Swing MB Lateral Bends
Lunge Pass Lateral Pass Swiss Ball
Oblique Twists MB Wall Aim to perform 2 sets of 10 - 15 repetitions of each exercise - in a slow controlled motion. You don't need to do all exercises - work within your limits.


The following page is suitable upper and lower body exercises to improve your golf fitness.

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