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Triathlon Tips

The sport of triathlon simply keeps growing, with more and more triathletes keen to start either their first sprint distance race, or progress to the Olympic distance course


There are some good notes for running advice in the training for a marathon program obviously you will need to adjust the distances to suit your fitness level and own race distance. With the only equipment needed for running being a good pair of trainers. The fact that running is a high impact activity, especially for those persons who are slightly overweight, it is wise to invest in a good pair of trainers, and break them in before your race.

With most triathletes suffering with the transition from bike to run leg, i.e. getting into their running stride as quickly as possible it is a good idea to simulate this feeling by performing a simple cross training session using either an gym exercise bike / rowing machine and running machine, or a turbo trainer and running track.

Simply aim to work on the bike hard for 2 minutes, followed by an immediate change into your running trainers and run for 400 metres, getting to your race speed as soon as possible.

If working indoors on gym equipment, an excellent way of doing a workout is with a training partner, one of you should run and the other cycle. Use the runner as your timer, aim for 400 metres at your running speed, whilst your partner is recovering on the bike. Once you have finished your run, slow the running machine down so that your partner can then perform their run whilst you recover. BE CAREFUL WHEN GETTING ON AND OFF THE RUNNER. You should aim for at least 4-5 runs at a fast pace, as you get fitter increase both the speed and distance, if you are working with somebody at lot fitter than you, get them to run further in order to give you a chance to recover on the bike.

Don't lose time and valuable places by having a poor transition, learn what to do on the next page.
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