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Rugby Training

Rugby is one of the most physically demanding games in terms of player injuries. Since both Rugby Union and Rugby League have gone professional injuries have increased nearly 50% due to rugby players becoming physically stronger and faster and playing with generally more determination.

Strength Training Read the notes on strength training on the site, concentrate on adjusting your workouts to allow for your body to recover, avoid training sore muscles. Train at low intensity if you are new to weights, ideally using machines, as you become more competent aim to use free weights.

Strength training should be performed a minimum of 3 times a week for all players, with a combination of methods used by different players.

Exercises to concentrate on are all forms of squats, calf exercises and chest development.

Remember to warm-up and stretch prior to doing any training, especially weights.

If you're short of time to train, you can perform your weight training sessions after your C.V. workouts, giving you more time to spend on skills required.

The press-up circuit and abdominal workouts should also be implemented into your training.

Use the weight training login sheet to monitor your progress, with the amount of weight that you can lift as well as the reps.

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