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Small business health insurance

Aviva aim to provide their customers with prosperity and peace of mind through extensive and trustworthy business health insurance and, having been in the business for over 200 years, they are well placed to do so. Protect your employees and your business interests with Aviva.

It seems that no matter what you read, listen to or watch these days, issues surrounding the health and wellness of the British population continue to be hotly debated and vigorously discussed topics. Though the terms health and wellness are indeed incredibly broad and mean different things to different people, it is safe to say that everybody would like to be as healthy and well as possible. But sadly this is not the case. Obesity, mental illness and diabetes are becoming increasingly problematic. Increasingly common in the UK, these problems affect both a person’s home life and their work life, enter Aviva.

Staggeringly, despite all the information available today on leading a healthier lifestyle and looking after oneself, the number of British people considered clinically obese is increasing. In fact, according to the Government’s Foresight Think Tank, 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children in Britain will be clinically obese by the year 2050, with related health problems costing the NHS more than £45 billion a year. This is an incredibly frightening, but very real, prediction that would put the NHS, and therefore our economy, under an unprecedented level of stain.

Thanks to companies like Aviva, there are ways in which we can prevent this from happening, as individuals and as business owners. “Wellness management” is a term being used by businesses that involves them looking after their staff in the best way possible to prevent them falling ill or suffering from long term health problems, thus controlling the cost of employee absence and the impact that it can have on productivity. One of the most effective way to do this is through business health insurance and SME insurance.

Business health insurance and SME (small to medium enterprise) insurance can provide staff not only with extensive in, out and day-patient cover if and when they are sick or injured, but it provides them with benefits that can prevent these things from happening. Gym memberships, online health managementportals and medical and stress counselling helplines are now all typically offered within a health insurance policy and could help your staff stay fit, healthy and productive. This kind of cover also provides your staff with peace of mind meaning they will have the confidence to work to their optimum level.

Aviva UK Health provides businesses with a range of different insurance options, includingSolutions, which is SME health insurance that covers businesses with between 2 and 249 people. The best thing is that Solutions offers great flexibility so you can hand pick the cover that best suits you. Begin with core cover, and then add the things that you think would best serve your staff, such as dental and optical or psychiatric cover, thus controlling the premium you pay. Aviva also offer Optimum health insurance, which is specifically designed to address the differing needs of large companies.

Because they are constantly evolving and expending as a company, so are their products, ensuring that Aviva can offer you the best and most up to date business health insurance. Protect your businesses most valuable asset, your staff, and get peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a trusted company that insures people and businesses all over the world. Log onto their website or talk to one of their highly experienced staff members free over the phone today to find out more.

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