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How to Burn Fat

Every man or woman desiring weight loss wants to get the sought after toned body – and preferably get it fast! However, the results are often frustratingly slow – regardless of hours of exercise and your best intentions to eat a healthy diets. So how come you still don't have the waistline and body tone you deserve?

1. Kick-start fat loss with the essential calorie deficit

Regardless of what food you choose to eat – the law of 'thermodynamics' means that to lose weight you must create a calorie deficit. In simple terms – eat less calories than your body burns each day. If you calculate your calorie needs, you can then start to shed those pounds. While it's important to be good on a daily basis, you can also zigzag calories – such as a calorie deficit of 400 on Monday but eating at a maintenance level on Tuesday (and so on through the week).

2. Learn how to graze for weight loss

Many people find they get the best results by grazing on 5-6 small meals and snacks per day. This is actually an easy goal if you are using protein shakes, for example;

Meal 1 Bowl of healthy cereal
Meal 2 Protein Shake with apple
Meal 3 Jacket potato with tuna salad
Meal 4 Protein Shake
Meal 5 Chicken breast with basmati rice and roast veg
Meal 6 Protein meal bar

See how easy it is to split your calories and stay in control? Eating protein with your meals also helps to satisfy cravings for junk and excess eating later in the day.

3. Use quality sports nutrition products for easier and faster results

One big reason to use high quality protein shakes or meal replacements containing whey protein is they're proven to help you maintain muscle tone/mass when dieting (great for guys AND girls!), in addition to reducing the cravings which can plague sustained diet plans and attempts to eat nutritiously.

In addition to shakes like Promax Diet, Promax Diet bars offer the same benefits, but are also a great motivator because they offer the satisfaction of a classic chocolate bar (minus the sugar, fat and calories!). Once you're eating for effective weight loss by combining shakes with healthy meals, a proven fat burner like Thermobol will start to give you faster results (particularly when combined with exercise, because it contains nutrients proven to release and burn fat effectively).

4. Make exercise a regular part of your life

The saying goes 'use it or lose it' and it's very true when it comes to muscle tone and dieting. When you exercise vigorously you stimulate muscle, which in turn boosts your metabolism. Naturally, if you don't exercise, your body will literally burn-up your muscle for energy and you metabolism will slow down too – making fat loss progressively harder!

So, always exercise with a form of resistance for 45 minutes, three times per week when dieting (weights, resistance machines, even toning DVDs can all count – just make sure those muscles are working hard!). Ideally, perform three weights sessions plus three cardio sessions of 30 minutes each. You'll burn calories while maintaining muscle tone – a win, win situation!

5. Drink yourself leaner

Most experts suggest that water is essential to lose weight. Water is vital for many body processes including fat metabolism, so drink 2-3 litres spaced throughout the day. During exercise, drink 500ml-1000ml per hour. Here's a tip – experts have found that cold water boosts metabolic rate so chilled drinks could be a bonus!

6. Recover fast – then exercise again!

When you reduce your calorie intake and exercise intensely, it's easily to feel fatigued and aching – hardly great for intense workouts! However, by eating nutritiously and drinking quality nutrition shakes after training (within 15-20 minutes ideally) you'll dramatically boost recovery and repair, helping you get better toning results in addition to getting you back to the gym sooner. Opt for Promax or Promax Diet shakes immediately before and after-exercise.

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