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Glossary B

Baby's Butt Indentation between the two heads of biceps muscles of a very muscular athlete.

Back Cycling Cutting back on either number of sets, repetitions or amount of weight used during a exercise session.

Ballistic Stretch A more vigorous stretch by using a swinging or bouncing motion suited only for conditioned athletes, especially in martial arts.

Barbell Weight used for exercise, consisting of a rigid handle 5-7' long, with detachable metal discs at each end.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Metabolic rate at rest, your bodies working output.

Bio availability The simplicity in which nutrients can be absorbed.

Biochemical Reaction The chemical reactions which take place within the human body.

Biological Value A measure of protein quality in a given food.

Bio mechanics Science concerned with the internal and external forces acting on a human body and the effects produced by these forces.

Bodybuilding Weight training to change physical appearance.

Body Composition The breakdown of your body make-up, i.e. fat, lean muscle, bone and water content.

Bone density Soundness of the bones within the body, low density can be a result of osteoporosis.

Buffed – As in a “finely buffed finish” Good muscle size and definition, looking good.

Buffer Substances that help reduce lactic acid build-up during strenuous exercise.

Bulking Up Gaining body weight by adding muscle, body fat or both.

Burn – As in “going for the burn” In endurance exercise, working muscles until lactic acid build-up causes burning sensation.

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