Weight Training Reps

For maximum strength the loading should be high (85-100%) of 1 rep max, (the maximum load that you can lift) and the repetitions few (1-5).

The number of sets used will reflect the number of repetitions used (e.g. 6-8 sets of single repetitions is within reach, but to perform eight sets using five repetitions is physically very difficult to do).

Elastic Strength is obtained by working with moderate poundage's (65/80%) Permitting faster movement with 8-12 repetitions, 3 sets are adequate for substantial gains.

Strength Endurance is achieved by repeating exercises for the highest possible number of repetitions in total, with resistance representing 40% to 60% of maximum recommended, (Circuit training is a suitable activities).

Handling heavy weights in the pursuit of strength will require a recovery of 2-3 minutes between sets, but only minimum recovery should be taken if strength endurance is the aim, 30 60 seconds.

Avoid allowing your muscles a chance to cool down, however give them enough rest before you start your next set.

How often? This is really linked with recovery since the body must be allowed to recover from the strenuous demands of strength training. As a 'rule of thumb' 48 hours should elapse between sessions, avoid training sore muscles.

If training strenuously, you will find it extremely difficult to maintain the same level of lifting at each session, and the total poundage lifted in each session would be better to be varied (e.g. a high, low and medium volume session) each week.

Remember muscles don't grow in the gym, they grow through proper rest and nutrition.

What sort of weight lifting equipment? There are variable resistance machines and free weights.

Variable resistance machines are effective tools for building strength and muscle tone and are designed to work the target muscle in isolation, without the assistance of the surrounding muscles.

Free weights barbells, dumbbells allow you not only to target a particular muscle group but also to engage other muscles that assist in the work.

Lifting free weights improves your co-ordination by improving the neuromuscular pathways that connect your muscles to the central nervous system.

Now the final page will teach you different training systems that will enable your workouts to become more productive, giving you greater strength and variety of exercise workouts.

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