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Skipping Workouts

Looking for skipping workouts and skipping exercises that will help improve your stamina and fitness? Then look no further as we can advise you of some great ways to incorporate this into your training schedules.

Skipping is an excellent exercise for the Heart and Lungs requiring minimal equipment, for gains in Cardiovascular fitness, balance and co-ordination. Combining skipping with a combination of strength / toning exercises, will provide you with a total body workout.

  • It is wise to read the notes on how to do each exercise
  • Always warm-up and stretch at the beginning and end of exercise. If you are genuinely short of time, make sure you start the circuit at a slow pace, then gradually increase your speed to your normal pace
  • Performing the exercise at speed can result in injury, aim to time yourself doing all the exercises correctly and under control, so that you know how long it will take you to do your circuit
  • Work out to music, and with a partner for added motivation
  • Keep a log of all your exercise, and as you get fitter and stronger increase the repetitions and weights, in order to increase your fitness level
  • The repetitions given are only guidelines, work within your own limits
  • Do your sit-ups on either an exercise mat, or use some folded beach towels for cushioning
  • Remember you don't need to do all the exercises, work within your limits

To prevent injury, warm-up and stretch properly. Aim to skip slowly for at least 2 / 3 mins, longer if you can, so that you body can warm-up. Spend time stretching all major muscle groups especially your calves. Skip on a flat level surface, ideally a studio floor, and always wear training shoes.

Why not access some of our other pages too like some general fitness ideas or strength training or specific exercises. With some more skipping exercises as well as basic stretching tips, you can get a really good workout sorted!

On the next page we give you a great beginners workout to try out as well as a log sheet for you to keep a record of how you are doing.

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