Raised Squat Thrusts

The raised squat thrust, is an easier variety than placing your hands firmly on the ground. Use a secure platform, in order to take the pressure off your shoulders, and lower body, whilst performing the exercise in which either variety you wish.

raised squat thrustsThis exercise will not only work the lower body, but will also work the shoulder muscles in order to fix your body position, whilst increasing your heart rate throughout the movement.

Make sure that your hands are placed flat on the box, fingers facing forward.

Stretch and Warm Up before you commence any exercise and aim to finish with some good stretching to let your body and mind recover.

Look in the Circuit Exercises area for some great ways for you to design your own circuit routine at home.

Remember to record how many repetitions and sets you can perform, so that you will so how your getting fitter and stronger in all areas. Download your free PDF Record Sheet

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