Drop Down

The drop down exercise is good for increasing both muscular strength and also aiding balance - its a good exercise for sports such as skiing.

Stand tall on a secure step box, with both feet centrally placed within the middle of the step box.

aim to hold in the lowering position for as long as possible

Lean slightly back, and aim to lower one foot down to the floor as slow as possible, controlling the movement with the leg that is on the box.

Have the height of the step box at around 12 – 14 inches high, slightly higher for conditioned athletes.

Throughout the movement focus on lowering your foot as slow as possible, returning back to your starting position and repeating the process, working either the same leg again (harder) or alternate legs.

Stretch and Warm Up before you commence any exercise and aim to finish with some good stretching to let your body and mind recover.

Look in the Circuit Exercises area for some great ways for you to design your own circuit routine at home.

Remember to record how many repetitions and sets you can perform, so that you will so how your getting fitter and stronger in all areas. Download your free PDF Record Sheet

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