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Weight Loss Ebook

Our weight loss ebook could help you to lose weight, tone up and also lead a healthier lifestyle. For a small one off charge we give you a downloadable ebook that really can help!

weight loss ebookThis weight loss resource has been designed for people wanting to lose excess body fat and improve their body tone and overall weight through a combination of healthy eating and progressive exercise.

If your goal in life is to always try and take the easy option, i.e. dieting tablets / shrink wraps / special teas or a number of gimmicks out there that have massive claims to achieve amazing weight loss results, then this book is NOT for you.

This weight loss resource will give you the knowledge as to why the billion dollar dieting industry is failing you, and hopefully give you the correct approach for long term healthier results.

Just some of the areas covered within this ebook that took over 18 months to write and research.


Correct goal setting

slimming ebookToo many people crash diet in order to try and look good for a special occasion - wedding / holiday, this section will cover and assist in setting goals that are both realistic and achievable, but more importantly with lasting effects.


Are you ready to begin your lifestyle changes? - its pointless starting any healthy eating campaign if your not ready to fully commit. Why begin a journey if your going to fail, it makes you negative mentally and results in weight gain physically.

Destroying your Dreams

Learn why the dieting industry is failing you, how many times to you have to keep buying products that don't work before you need to look at trying a different approach?

Body types

We're all different, that's what makes us unique, we give you advice so you can understand why some people can eat all day and still remain the same weight, whilst others just look at food and they gain weight.

Suitable Exercises

Today's lifestyle means that most people live a very inactive life, they drive to work and sit in front of a computer, then drive home to sit in front of the TV. We have a complete section dedicated to helping you become more active with very simple exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

How many calories

Most people are overweight because they love the ease at which the high sugar, fat and salty foods can be easily obtained and eaten. Combined with high calorie sugary drinks, it can be shocking as to the actual amount of calories consumed. Our chapter on how many calories, will give you assistance in choosing the right amount for you. To many calories and you simply put on weight, to few and your body will begin to break down healthy muscle tissue - learn how to get the correct balance and correct times to eat.

Fueling your body

Learn what are the best foods for you, advice on all the major food groups plus the best formula's to create meals that will help your body burn calories at a faster rate.

There is so much material dedicated within this ebook, that through simple changes in both your eating and lifestyle, you will achieve your goals. If you don't find that after 90 days this ebook has been of benefit to you - then simple request a full refund.


You can download this ebook today for only £4.97 - with payment made securely via Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account)


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