Xmas fitness stocking fillers

If you are looking for some great Xmas fitness stocking fillers, then consider the great range of fitness accessories available. If you have fitness fanatics among your family and friends - or even people who might want to improve their fitness - then fitness accessories can make a great choice of gifts.

It's quick and easy to shop for fitness accessories, with lots of choices and prices to suit every budget. And because fitness accessories are designed to add a little something to your workouts, you'll know that you are buying a gift that will actually help someone to stay in shape.

Variety is a key to effective exercise, so adding some spice or interest to your workouts with these fitness accessories allows you to add different ingredients to the mix, which will ultimately improve what you do.

There are lots of different products to choose from. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Ankle and wrist weights these add resistance to your movements, burning more calories and increasing muscular endurance in the arms and legs.

    » Ankle weights
  • Gym gloves a must if you want to avoid calluses on the hands. They come in a variety of materials, ranging from traditional leather through to high tech versions with gel pads.

    » Gym gloves
  • Hand weights hand weights come in different styles, from soft grip, colour-coordinated sets through to hard-core dumbbells. All of them can provide a great workout in a limited space.

    » Hand weights
  • Medicine balls back in fashion, modern medicine balls are typically made from hardwearing rubber, and are a great addition to any home workout.

    » Medicine balls
  • Kettlebells originating in Russia, these are simply chunks of cast iron with a handle - they are also a fabulous way to get in shape, with a range of dynamic movements to work every area of the body.

    » Kettlebells
  • Powerbreathe a workout for your lungs, powerbreathe allows you to gradually increase breathing resistance to strengthen your lungs and improve lung capacity.

    » Powerbreathe
  • Travel accessories there are various sets of equipment that pack away small yet give a good workout - ideal for the regular traveler who wants to stay in shape.

    » Travel accessories
  • Resistance bands developed for rehab, resistance bands are a convenient way to work out in a confined space, and offer a new twist to resistance training.

    » Resistance bands
  • Exercise mats an essential item for almost any type of home workout - you can use them for stretching, for working out your abs and core, or for performing yoga or Pilates. They come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours, but the biggest considerations are comfort and durability.

    » Exercise mats

By looking through the above items someone could easily set up a home gym in a minimal space - for example, you could put together a good workout with just some hand weights, a kettlebell, or some resistance bands.

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