Powerade Pulse

'Let your music move you with Powerade Pulse'

What is Powerade Pulse?

In brief, it's a downloadable desktop application for your PC (which will also soon be for MACs) that has been developed using Adobe Air and Java technology.

What does it do?

The Powerade Pulse searches through your existing iTunes catalogue in order to analyse the MP3 files by beats per minute (BPM) of each track. Once complete, users can then create and exercise playlist based purely on the duration and speed of their exercise, or better still based on the BPM of the tracks that they want to train to. In addition, you get five exercise profiles that can help you shape your playlist to make it simpler.

Once you know how you want to train and you have programmed that in, Powerade Pulse will create a playlist using the tracks that you already own. You are then free to save/transfer into iTunes, where you can transfer to your MP3 player and start training.

Why use Powerade Pulse?

Initially designed for runners of all levels, the actual brief covered motivation and therefore can be applied to any fitness training. Athletes of every level are motivated by something, but what seemed to be pertinent for those of every ability was that people train to music.

The point of it was that your training needs to be tailored to your ability in order to reach whatever goal you're aiming for, regardless of how big or small it is, and Powerade Pulse delivers on this.

Great - so what next?

Anyone can download the application from Powerade's website for free; there's no signup required and it can be kept and used as many times as you like.

The aim is that this will be an evolving process and, by commenting via the application's feedback function, consumers can help to inform that update process.

Powerade Pulse™ is the first activity of its kind for an FMCG brand, and almost all other apps that perform a similar function are paid downloads (the most closely related app costing $25 to download).


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