A New You - Achieve your goals

Here are some top tips to make your fitness and physique goals a reality......

  1. Use the power of motivating goals

    Setting goals isn't some myth – it's proven to help people achieve their desires and that includes transforming your fitness and physique in the gym. So – what's you goal – is it muscle mass, fat loss or fitness? Even better – try getting specific such as '16 inch arms' by adding '5kg per month on biceps curls'. For best results be sure to write down your goals, stick them somewhere to read regularly and even find inspiring images and stick the on the fridge. So – what are your gym and fitness goals?
  2. Find a gym that makes you tick

    Always think about the best place to train. Some people have the motivation and equipment to train and home, but for others it's a ticket to slack off. Think about the best training environment, the most economical for your budget and the convenience of the gym's location. Again, some people train best in plush surroundings, but for others a 'hardcore' gym is what's needed. Finally, think about how busy a gym is at the times you train, how good is the equipment and what kind of staff support is available such as trainers and classes? It's worth visiting a gym to check everything out and find the gym that really gets you motivated.
  3. Boost protein intake

    Whether you need to eat more calories to fuel muscle growth or reduce energy intake to lose weight, every gym trainer or exerciser has the need for adequate protein intake. Stacks of research supports the view that you need a minimum of 1.5g of protein per kg of body mass – with 1.8-2g probably being optimal. Benefits include:

    > Lean muscle growth and tone for men and women!
    > Protection of lean muscle mass/tone when dieting
    > Fast exercise recovery (strength and soreness)
    > Appetite control

    High quality protein is as important as quantity - top choices include whey protein rich shakes likes Promax, Cyclone and Promax Diet, chicken, fish, lean meat and cottage cheese.
  4. Slash the junk food

    This tip is a classic – and everyone knows it's true! Yes – you need to cut out 'most' junk food such as muffins, chocolate, soft drinks (even excess sugary fruit juice), pies, pasties, crisps, fried food and anything else high in refined oils and sugar. These foods contain 'empty calories' and are high in energy, low in nutrients and simply won't help you lose weight or build lean muscle mass. If you need a snack, opting for a quality protein bar such as Promax Meal bar with a piece of fresh fruit is a MUCH better option! The 80:20 rules is a good one – so 'occasionally' treating yourself is OK (such as a small treat 2-3 times a week).
  5. Love your (good) fats

    Remember that some fats are very healthy and will improve your health and gym results. Small servings of the following fats are great:

    - Oily fish
    - Extra virgin olive oil
    - Nuts
    - Cold pressed oils like avocado

    Omega-3 fish oil is considered the best 'physique fat', so either eat oily fish at least 5 times a week or supplement with a product like Maxi-EFA.
  6. Hit the iron thee times a week – men and women!

    Weight training is 100% not just for huge body builders! It's essential for any man or women who wants to lose body fat, boost health or build muscle mass (men) or tone (men and women). Training with heavy weights 2-3 times per week has many benefits whatever your key goal:

    - Build muscle mass if you're a man
    - Shape and toning for women and men
    - Support tone and metabolism when dieting
    - Increase everyday strength
    - Improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  7. Get smart with your cardio to burn fat

    Even if weight loss is your key goal – don't over-do cardiovascular exercise! Focus on your weight training and then add-on moderate amounts of cardio. Choose from the following cardio options for 20-40 minutes 2-3 times a week:

    - Low intensity cardio on an empty stomach
    - High intensity interval training after weights workouts
  8. Don't over-do your training

    Many people start with huge enthusiasm only to burn-out within weeks! It's more effective to adopt a training plan that you will actually stick too – such as 40 minutes three times a week. What's more, training for 90 minutes every session and training 6-7 days a week can actually lead to clinical over-training with symptoms such as muscle loss, strength loss and reduced immunity. Training for 3-5 sessions of 45-60 minutes is a sensible approach.
  9. Sleep and chill your way to fitness

    Many people forget that sleep and emotional stress can really affect the results of exercise and nutrition. Most notably, a lack of sleep and/or too much stress can increase cortisol (stress hormone) release, while reducing levels of growth hormone and testosterone. The net result is a lack of energy, impaired muscle strength and recovery and a reduction in well being and health. The key message – cut the stress and get 7-8 hours of sleep (or whatever is optimal for you) per night!
  10. Stay 100% positive to achieve your goals

    The saying goes that nothing worth having is easy – and with fitness and a great body that's 100% true. You see – most people quit because they have no patience to see the real joy of being truly fit, lean and energetic. However, if you're smart you'll realise that small weekly 'jumps' are all that's needed to create the body of your dreams.

    - 1-2lbs of muscle growth per month = an amazing body in 6-12 months
    - 1-2lbs fat loss per week = a completely new body in 3-12 months

The first few weeks may be tough, but stick in their and your body will soon start to love your new lifestyle. You'll finally realise why people who are in shape have a better quality of life.

Exercise and nutrition rewards those who deserve it!

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