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Inner Thigh - Glutes

The inner and outer thigh muscles are often forgot about when performing stretches, however these muscles are often the cause of a lot of injury problems.

Sports such as football and those require lateral (side) movements can often cause the adductor (inner thigh muscles) to be overstretched. Performing the simple toe grab inner thigh stretch will help to relieve the tension build up within the muscle region.

The biggest muscle in the body (Gluteus maximus) i.e. the muscle in the buttock, performs a number of function, and as such is often overworked and tense. Tension in the glut muscles, can cause a very common complaint such as sciatica, as the muscle tension places pressure on the sciatic nerve.

To avoid both of these problems, make sure you include the following stretches into your cool down routine.

Easy Toe Grab

1. Begin this stretch with your heels together, holding both feet with your hands.

2. Lean forward from your hips, gradually increasing the stretch by bringing your heels closer to your groin, and your chest closer to your feet.

3. Make the movements small and controlled. Avoid bouncing and excessive upward pressure on your feet.

Moderate One Leg Over

1. Sit on the floor, with one leg straight, toes pointing upward.

2. Cross the other foot over the knee of the straight leg, aiming to place that foot flat on the floor.

3. Place the elbow and forearm of the opposite arm of the bent leg on the outside of the bent knee.

4. Exhale, slowly pulling the bent knee across your body.

Your core muscles, those of your abdominal area and obliques are always working to keep you body in good alignment, you may not think that your working these muscles when performing an exercise such as a bicep curl, however they are always needing to be contracted to enable the movement to take place.

Learn how to stretch the abdominal and oblique muscles on the next page.

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