Finding time for fitness

Are you having trouble finding time for fitness? When you have a busy lifestyle it can be hard to fit workouts in amongst work, shopping, housekeeping and taking care of children – but when you start considering the choices available, finding time for fitness doesn’t have to be that hard.

Once you start looking at all the different possibilities, finding time for fitness suddenly becomes much more manageable – from brisk walking to lunchtime workouts, cycling to work through exercising with friends, you’ll find many ways of finding time for fitness.

The benefits? You’ll look better, feel better, and have more energy for all the other things you have to do.

One of the best ways to fit your workouts into a busy day is to use your lunch break to exercise. Taking a proper break at lunch time will benefit you both physically and mentally. Getting away from your desk will allow your brain to relax, it’s much better for you than a heavy meal, and you’ll return to work with your batteries recharged, ready to have a productive afternoon.

Lunchtime options include going for a run or a swim, a lunchtime session at the gym lifting weights, doing aerobics or in a spinning class, or maybe a game of squash with colleagues. And if none of those appeal, how about a brisk thirty minute walk? You’ll need nothing more than a pair of good shoes to get out and burn some calories.

Another increasingly popular way of fitting in a daily workout is to bike commute. When you bike to and from work, your daily workout is guaranteed – you have to do it to get to work! With a twice daily ride, you’ll have done your workout by the time you get home every day, leaving you more time for all the other things you need to do.

Not only that, you’ll save money, and in many cases get to work quicker! Sailing past lines of cars on a bike is a lot more fun than sitting there waiting for the car in front of you to move!

Finally, many people find that exercising at home works for them – while the initial investment might be higher than joining a gym, there are lots of advantages. Firstly, your gym is always open – whatever time you are ready to work out, your gym will be ready for you. Secondly, you can build up equipment over time – some workout DVDs, a mini trampoline, a stationary bike – so that you have lots of variety.

Once you start looking for opportunities you’ll find that fitting in three to four thirty minute sessions a week is easy. Go for it!

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